Multi-Color Vase
(V1 C39)
Aqua with Light Green Vase
(V7 C43/44)
Purple Vase
(V8 C37)
Light Green with Purple Vase
(V6 C44/37)
Turquoise Vase
(V3 C41)
Champagne Vase
(V13 C9/23/25)
Robin's Egg Blue Vase
(V5 C38 w/ Venetian Red Interior)
Peach Vase
(V4 C42)
Robin's Egg Blue
(V11 C38)
Grey/Green Vase
(V10 C45)
Golden Plum Vase
(V12 C28)
Silver Vase
(V2 C9)
Copper/ Blue Vase
(V14 C13/31)
Lavender and Blue Vase
(V9 C46)
Each vase is individually hand formed over a wooden model with layers of polymer clay.
The outer layer has been patterned using a repetitive method called
"mokume gane".  
All vases are approximately 8" high, and taper from approximately 4 1/2" to 2" wide.
Contact for availability or for a custom color creation.