"Furniture lends itself to combining materials in a way that I particularly respond to.  I love
combining the depth, warmth, and comfort of wood, with the punch of polymer clay and metal.
 I use a variety of techniques from traditional mortise and tenon joinery, to grinding, texturing,
painting, and patinas. Planning becomes very important when working with so many mediums,
so I create full-scale drawings to work from in order to plan out the various steps and
Polymer clay is a relatively new plastic material with an enormous range of uses and
techniques.  I am increasingly drawn to using it as a sculptural material, including drawer pulls
and knobs, as well as a two-dimensional material, such as veneer or an inlay material.  
Recently I have focused on the borrowed metalwork technique of mokume-gane, where a
series of layers are laminated, interrupted, and then sliced to reveal patterns.  I believe
finding personal balance between technical exploration and artistic voice is crucial for both
myself as an artist, and the advancement of a young medium."