Process: Mokume Gane in Polymer Clay
The beauty of this metal-smithing technique, that has been borrowed by the polymer clay community,
is the endless variety of variations using the same basic steps.  This is the process that I use:
1 - Clay colors are mixed and rolled into sheets
using a pasta machine.
2 - Sheets of clay and occasionally other
materials, such as metal leaf (shown), are
3 - Entire clay "sandwich" is rolled through pasta
machine, further thinning the layers.  This sheet
is then cut and stacked to make a "loaf".
4 - Loaf of clay is then stamped and
impressed with various tools, which drag and
distort the different  layers .
5 - Thin slices are shaved off the top of the
loaf with a sharp blade
6 - Each slice is then laid on a base
sheet of clay
7 - Slices are overlapped until entire
base sheet is covered
8 - Sheet of clay veneer is then baked,
sanded, buffed, and pieced together with
additional sheets to cover a cabinet door,
table top, vase, etc.