Artist's Statement and Bio

About the Artist:
Margaret grew up in Annandale, VA where her creativity was
encouraged, despite the damaging affects to her parent’s home.  
After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University (BFA '99), she
and her husband, Ron, a Pittsburgh native and engineer, moved
to the Washington D.C. area.  They currently live near Rockville,
Maryland with their three dogs, Isabelle, Samuel, and Thomas.  
When not working in her studio, she is an avid runner,
editor of the Currently Showing page of The Funiture Society
website, and volunteer at the
Montgomery County Humane Society.
“Furniture is the most accessible sculpture.  We all live with it, touch it, and interact
with it everyday.   While studying sculpture in college, I began utilizing the image of a
chair as a metaphor for the human figure, and have been drawn to functional art ever
Combining function and a visual idea opens up enormous possibilities in the levels of
interaction a viewer can have with a piece of artwork.  I believe this brings sculpture to
life by inviting it into our lives and experiencing it with all the senses.  My work is a
series of abstractions of nature evolving from the silhouettes of trees and leaves, the
wrinkles, twists, and turns of a branch, the depth and pattern of a stone, or the
movement of a stream.  I distill those aspects of nature I find most intriguing into a
human scale.
Much of my recent work has focused on wall cabinets.  They delicately present their
function behind a decorative exterior, and offer intrigue through speculation as to what
is inside. "